Why is My Netgear N150 Router Blinking Orange?

Most of the problems in your routers can occur due to incorrect configurations. One such problem which is considered to be serious and common is the Netgear router internet light orange. You may have noticed the lights (LEDs) that your router and modem have. But do you know what the purpose of these lights is.

Normally, your Netgear router’s LED light turns orange for 20 seconds or more when you restart your router. But if it stays orange more than 3 minutes or “netgear router blinking orange internet light” means your router is not connected to internet. Netgear users also search for the keyword: “Why is my Netgear N150 router blinking orange?

This article is about “how to fix orange light on router”, if you have orange light blinking on your Netgear wifi router. Before attempting the troubleshooting, Netgear router internet light orange problem needs a bit of some explanations. In this section you will get answer for the query: “Why is my Netgear N150 router blinking orange?

Why is my Netgear N150 Router Blinking Orange?

There are few reasons for “netgear router blinking orange internet light” that are listed below:

  • Problem with Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Hardware Connection problem.
  • DNS/ DHCP problem or Software Bug.
  • Faulty Firmware or Using Router with old firmware.

Now we will explain you “how to fix orange light on router”. Follow the steps to fix Netgear router internet light orange problem:

1. Restart your Netgear device:

  • First, switch OFF the internet modem & wait for a few seconds and then switch it ON.
  • Now, Switch off the Netgear router for at least 10 seconds and then power it back ON again.
  • Next, Restart the PC that you are using.

After restart the devices, wait for 60 seconds and then check do you still see blinking orange light on your netgear router? If yes, then go to step 2.

2. Check Internet Connection:

  • You have to disconnect the modem from netgear router & connect it directly to your PC or laptop to check the internet connection.
  • If internet is not accessed on your PC by modem, then problem is with your service provider. In that case, call your internet service provider and ask them to fix it.
  • If you can access the internet on your PC but still facing the Netgear router internet light orange problem then go to next step.

3. Check hardware connection between Modem and Router:

  • Now you need to check the connections between your router and modem. If your router is not connected properly to modem with the Ethernet cable then router will not able to find the IP address from modem.
  • If you find the Ethernet cable faulty, you should replace the cable.

4. Update Netgear router Firmware:

Update Netgear router Firmware

  • You may get netgear router blinking orange internet light, if you are using old router with outdated firmware.
  • You should check for the Firmware Update and need to update it.
  • If you need assistance for netgear firmware update or want to know that how to update the router’s firmware then contact our experts at our toll free no.

5. Reset the Netgear Router:

  • If you are still dealing with the Netgear router internet light orange problem, you should try to reset your device.
  • For this, press and hold the Reset button which is placed on your router for at least 10 seconds.
  • After reset, turn ON the device and try to setup your netgear router once again.

In this article, you got the answer for your query “Why is my Netgear N150 router blinking orange?”  We hope now your device is working fine. If you are still facing any other problem, please contact us at our toll free no or chat live with us.

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