Why is My Netgear N150 Router Blinking Orange?

Most of the problems in your routers can occur due to incorrect configurations. One such problem which is considered to be serious and common is the Netgear router internet light orange. You may have noticed the lights (LEDs) that your router and modem have. But do you know what the purpose of these lights is. Normally, Read more about Why is My Netgear N150 Router Blinking Orange?[…]

How to Reset Nighthawk Router?

When you buy a Netgear Nighthawk router for yourself, you do your home network a huge favor. It was launched with single objective in mind; to elevate the experience of accessing internet in a top notch way. Netgear Nighthawk router allowed gamers and people who loved streaming 4K quality movies and videos around the world Read more about How to Reset Nighthawk Router?[…]